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Tools of War 2 – Pomeranian Chronicles

Even though a brave heart is a surer indicator of victory than “shiny weapons”, it is still important in warfare to gain every advantage possible, and reliable, versatile tools of war in skillful hands make an excellent job. Last time,...

The Strongest Polabian Country – Polabian Chronicles 0

The Strongest Polabian Country – Polabian Chronicles

-Place of the Obodrites in the World- The earliest of the big countries of Polabia that appear in written sources are the Serbian Federation, the assumed Great Kingdom of Veleti, and the Kingdom of...


Slavic Conquest of Macedonia

  The Tribes of Macedonia The earliest historical sources mentioning a Slavic conquest of Macedonia come from the Byzantine historian John from Efez, who, in 581 AD, wrote: “They lived on the peninsula freely,...