Serbian Genetics

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3 Responses

  1. Brad says:

    How many people are tested? Why do you think that Orthodox Serbians have more R1a than the minorities (hungarians have alot of R1a for example)

  2. Whatever says:

    How many males are tested? Can you tell me why ortodox population of serbia have higher R1a than Serbia as whole?

  3. Ivan says:

    it is absolutely wrong to set an absolute correlation between haplogroups and ethnoses. The reason is that haplogroups are tens of thousands of years older than ethnicity (ethnos is a culturological, not a biologica terml). First of all, I am referring to the attemption of connection of the E1b1 carriers with the ancient Balkan population. Contemporary anthropological research indicates that the Balkan population has not changed significantly since ancient (and even neolithic) times to modern times (see research dedicated to Lepenski Vir and other localities). It is more probable that in the process of ethnogenesis of contemporary south Slovene ethnicity there was a population with a similar distribution of haplotypes. On the other hand, on Balkan origins of some Slavic tribes also points an early medieval chronicles (Nostrov’s letopis, for example), as well as many etymological studies.

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