Saqaliba – Slavs in the Arab World, Part 1

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  1. De Vandel says:

    First of all, Serbians were not brought from anywhere, Serbians are native people of western Balkan. And they were called Ilirians and Tribals from different sources. Official history of Slavic people was created by Germanic scholars, in Russia is thought that they came from south regions of Europe in Balkan that they came from Carpats. Officiall history is a Lie. So if you write about some nation make sure you are not a ‘Liar’.

    • Predrag says:

      Even Serbian historians agree with that, It is a historical fact that Serbs and Croats came in 7th century on the Balkans, there were already some minor tribes on the Balkans but they got assimilated. I asked for proofs but nothing proves that Serbs were on the Balkans before 7th century, there were Illyrians and Thracians but their culture and traditions dont match Serbian traditions. The only thing they share is geographic location and genetics, since Serbs are Slavs+illyrians. I was thinking if Slavs were natives on the Balkans, both of us would look like Poles while we have dark hair ( illyrian influence) 😀

  2. S Mathews says:

    Interestingly there is a tribe found in Southern Iraq and Kuwait known as the Sulab. Local myths claim they were descendants of Crusaders after the crusades failed. Some of their religious practices don’t match the Islamic practices of the region and they are known to be lighter skinned and sometimes have light colored hair. I wonder if there is a connection?

    • niklot says:

      That is pretty interesting I didnt know about that tribe anyway part 3 of this series will mention Slavs in present day Iraq so there might be a connection. If somebody would test their DNA paternal line it would help us to realize their ancestry. Thanks for sharing such an interesting fact! 🙂

  3. Mike Johnson says:

    Wherever you are thank you very much for this posting. Antiquity always impresses with its deep complexities.

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