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Genetics of Ukraine

The haplogroups that make the Ukrainian genetic pool are : R1a: 42.85% – North Slavic I2a: 22.58% – South Slavic/Sclavenian R1b: 8.57% – There is a Western-European and Anadolian branch, I don’t have more precise data but...


Serbian Genetics

Important notice: the following results are only from the Orthodox population of Serbia which is why R1a is higher that average results and E1b is lower    The haplogroups that make the Serbian genetic pool are...


Genetics of Bulgaria

Bulgarian genetic make-up consists of the following haplogroups: E1b: 26,0%, Pre-slavic Balkan population (Thracians, Illyrians, Macedonians) I2a: 16,8%, Sclavenians (South Slavic) J2: 16,0%, Mediteran; (Greeks, Romans…)  J2 can be found in many other Caucasian...