Saqaliba – Slavs in the Arab World, Part 4 (Slavs in Muslim Spain, part 2)

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  1. vjeran vlahović says:

    about moorish slavs… is logical to asume the majority of them were croats along dalmatian cost because we are near spain….another thing is that the pretorian guard was named Alameris after al-Ameri and the dinasty he is also written that caliph of cordoba asked king tomislav trpimirovic help in the war against berbers and since we had “sagenas” and “conduras” we sent him military assistance…..tha Kingdom of Croatia and Caliphat were allies hence slavic soldiers were granted to be armed in caliphate.
    we,all of us slavic people,were one the same to the arabs and romans,greeks….and it is true we were often taken as slaves so we earned the nickname sclavinos,esclavos,saqualibas…..or slavs….they could not make a diference between our tribes in very early midlle ages….before Kievian Rus,Czechs or Poles….in that time there was only Great Croatia and after White Croatia and White Serbia….i thnk that DAI writes the truth about 10th century military power of Croatian kingdom.
    oko is also an eye in croatian language…..and some interesting stuff is that i think Chile holds a carved stone dated between 11-13ct with glagolitic writing on it.also there is a north american indian tribe named Croatan… these slavs in spain can not be serbs because they dont have sea….it is logical then to assume that we have influenced not only other slavic nations but spain and nations abroad as well.pozdrav iz Hrvatske i Sretna Nova godina

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